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Welcome to Consolidated Fuel Oil Co. Consolidated Fuel near Lake Ronkonkoma NY and nearby Port Jefferson NY is your go to source for reliable boiler & heater service, fuel oil, diesel & home heating oil delivery, boiler maintenance, boiler unit cleaning and boiler unit installations, repair & replacement.

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Oil Fired Boilers. Fuel Oil Boilers for Central Heating Boiler. Oil Hot Water Boilers in several different Btu's and efficiency for all types of hydronic heating systems

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Fuel Delivery. Skylands Energy offers the best of all worlds when it comes to fuel delivery. You can get full service home heating oil delivery, discount, online ordering and everything in-between.

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While oil continues to decline in popularity as an electricity fuel, in places such as New York, oil still comprises about 8 percent of the state's electricity fuel mix.

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Beyond AFUE. AFUE does not accurately rate heat and hot water systems and misses significant areas of energy loss. There are tremendous opportunities to increase efficiency over AFUE estimates alone.

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Low Pressure Steam & Hot Water Scotch Marine Boiler FST Series Four Pass Scotch Marine Boiler Model FPS Low Pressure Steam & Hot Water Scotch Marine Boiler Series ESP Low Pressure Steam & Hot Water Scotch Marine Boiler Series SM4 Low Pressure Steam & Hot Water "Thru-The-Door" BOILER Series SM5

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Residual fuel oil is less useful because it is so viscous that it has to be heated with a special heating system before use and it may contain relatively high amounts of pollutants, particularly sulfur, which forms sulfur dioxide upon combustion. However, its undesirable properties make it very cheap. In fact, it is the cheapest liquid fuel available.

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Selecting a Home Heating System. ... propane and fuel oil systems, and HSPF or Heating Season Performance Factor, ... hot water boilers and electric heat pumps.

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Boiler Feedwater Treatment (Part II): Water Treatment Fundamentals, Technical Library, Sedifilt String-Wound Filter Cartridges

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Hurst Boiler and Welding Inc. is the leading manufacturer of Solid Fuel, Solid Waste, Biomass, Wood, Coal, Gas & Oil-Fired Steam and Hot Water Boilers.

Straight vegetable oil as diesel fuel: Journey to Forever

Introduction. Vegetable oil can be used as diesel fuel just as it is, without being converted to biodiesel. The downside is that straight vegetable oil (SVO) is much more viscous (thicker) than conventional diesel fuel or biodiesel, and it doesn't burn the same in the engine -- many studies have found that it can damage engines.

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Manufactures Boilers, Packaged Steam Generators, Thermal Fluid Heaters, and Electric Boilers

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These oil-fired models are ideal hot water solutions for mid ... The larger oil water heaters have an optional two-stage pump for ... Water Heaters. Boilers.

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An aquastat controls the temperature of the hot water in a boiler, typically keeping it around 180°F. But when heating needs are lighter in the spring and fall, that's actually higher than needed, and wastes energy.

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Oil fired boilers are a great ... U.S. Boiler Company is a leading manufacturer of home heating equipment, water boilers, steam boilers, hot water heaters ...

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HTP is the best choice for all your commercial water heating or space heating needs.

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Direct-Fired Water Heaters. In a direct-fired water heater, ... the domestic water is heated by hot water from the boiler. In many oil-heated homes, ... Bioheat® Fuel.